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Running Riot Pictures

A Denver, CO Production Company

Since 2008 we have been centrally involved in more than thirty short film projects, working alongside other small Colorado production companies including All Craft Creative, Dangling Carrot Films, and Gibraltar Place Studio. 


Our very first films were shot on 16mm Bolex cameras and edited on Steenbeck flatbeds. We have moved on to digital formats but still retain a love for the old school way of doing things. Digital cinema is indeed the way of the future, but "filmmaking" is rooted in just that... film; and we take that mindset into every project we work on.


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Running Riot Pictures

Running Riot Pictures

Letting Go

Visiting Hour

Action Prose!

Meddling in Murder



Life Line

Mile High Spirits - New Amsterdam Vodka "It's Your Town" Film Series


The Last Contract

The Art of Social Intercourse


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Production Services

AC, Media Manager, PA

Hi, I'm Greg Eakins. In addition to creating my own short form content, I am also available to hire on a freelance basis.


My first year in the film industry was 2010. I have experience as a media manager, camera assistant/utility, grip, and runner/driver (everything from Gators to RV's).


During my production career I've worked on shoots across the entire state of Colorado and Rocky Mountain region, from Wyoming to Pueblo and from the Great Plains to the Western slope.


If you are looking for an experienced, well-rounded crew member who can wear many hats, look no further.

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I have worked on hundreds of productions, including dozens of national commercials, TV shows and educational videos.
I've also participated in the production of numerous feature films, documentaries, corporate videos, and live events.

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"The crew don't give praise lightly, but I've never known them to speak so highly

of a PA that we've hired abroad. They said you did a brilliant job.

You've been a delight to work with from start to finish, and I hope to work with you again in the future."

Claire, Rumpus Media (UK)


I am a trusted member of the Colorado film community and am listed in the following production guides.

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